Northwest Province has eight active committees that work year-round for the betterment of our Province. The following is an update for this year's committee chairs and what they have accomplished in the past quarter. 


Legislative Committee

This year, the Legislative Committee is off to a wonderful and productive start. We are going to be spending the next 6 months combing through every single Ordinance in the Province By-laws to fix every grammatical error, spelling inconsistency, formatting peculiarity, and most importantly, content that we deem necessary for modification. As of this writing, we are ahead of schedule, having scrutinized 60% of the local ordinances. Due to a large number of changes expected in the coming months, our committee will also be discussing potential ways to ratify these changes without taking up an obscene amount of time at the next Province Assembly. Gathering the delegates together in person and discussing legislative proposals are vital to the operation and success of this Province, however, this process has often been uninspiring and arduous to sit through. As a result, we hope to come up with solutions to rectify this dilemma while maintaining the spirit and essence of legislative proceedings. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Auditing/ Finance Committee

No Report

GCC Advancement Committee

Brothers of the Northwest Province,
Our committee's main focus was to fundraise enough money to be able to support at least one Brother from each chapter to attend this year's GCC in addition to Central's reimbursement package. We reached out to both collegiate and graduate chapters to assist in both brainstorming ideas and executing fundraising events in order to achieve that. The Seattle and Palouse Graduate Chapters held their own joint contest to cover the GCC registration cost for two Brothers, helping us reach our goal. 
The Province Executive Committee also allotted some excess funds to distribute to both Brothers that already registered for GCC and to each Regent to encourage more direct NWP Chapter representation in Naples. Both these actions have really helped our committee to create a strong province presence in August. We continue to discuss further ideas to promote GCC attendance and help relieve the financial burden of attending GCC. We would like to thank all the support we have received so far from so many people, Brothers, and Chapters. We, as a province, already have 33 Brothers registered! We will remain focused on increasing that number and promote GCC to ensure a strong NWP presence for years to come!

Respectfully Submitted,
Taylor Goodman
NWP GCC Advancement Committee Chair

Province Assembly Planning Committee

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to inform you that planning for Province Assembly is well underway thanks to Carsen Colbert and her committee at the Gamma Eta chapter.  Their diligent work has this next Province Assembly planning ahead of schedule.  As of now, a hotel has been decided upon as well as where our Province Assembly meeting will be held. 

That being said, I wanted to inform everyone that the Province Assembly Planning Committee has been in contact with Gamma Eta to lend our services where they can be utilized.  Our committee has reviewed the guidelines for Province Assembly planning and are working alongside Gamma Eta to aid in these early stages of planning.  More information will be coming your way as Province Assembly nears, so keep an eye out and please feel free to reach out to the Province Assembly Planning Committee for any questions that you might have.  

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee has been charged with creating a contingency plan in the rare event of a risk management breach. This will be a complicated procedure and we are looking at having a rough draft of it completed by September. We will also advise the Province Assembly host on some of the major problems that previous hosts have run into. The committee will be creating a list of board approved events that chapters can use for rush and pledge. This list is meant to be a guide for collegiate chapters and is not meant to be restrictive. Finally, a generic waiver is being created that will be dispersed to all chapters. This waiver can be used for Kappa Psi sanctioned events which will add extra protections to the Fraternity.

-Justin Fernando

Interchapter Relations Committee

The Interchapter Relations Committee had our first meeting on Friday, May 30th! We discussed our goals/ideas for the year and are excited to increase communication amongst the chapters in our province. 

To improve communication amongst chapters in the province.
Increase province wide philanthropic events.

Utilize facebook
- Ask social/philanthropic coordinators from each chapter to post social and philanthropic events on facebook so
others in the province are aware of events and brothers in the area can attend.
-Some chapters are currently creating events on facebook and inviting chapters in close proximity which is
a great idea, however also adding them to the nwp facebook will allowing traveling brothers to attend.
Keep province calendar on NWP website updated
- Ask chapters to work with Stan, our webmaster, in keeping our province calender on the website always up to date
Updated list of chapter officers with contact information on the NWP website
- The committee feels that not knowing who to contact in other chapters, as well as, not having the contact
information for the correct individuals is a large barrier in interchapter relations.

Next Meeting: 
End of June.

Nakisa Mirrafie

Graduate Development Committee

First and foremost, I wanted to congratulate all the Brothers who just graduated…can't wait to join you on the other side!

As the Graduate Development Committee, our goal is to create an updated roster and database of all our graduated brothers. Please be on the look out for a survey and complete the brief questionnaire. We promise it will take no longer than five-minutes.

Secondly, we want to implement a mentor/mentee program. Giving back is one of the privileges of being a Brother. Kappa Psi has taught us professionalism, leadership, and the many priceless life lessons of brotherhood. Kappa Psi is our family, a home away from home for many. If you're interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, sign ups will be sent out in July. Think about how much you've learned through pharmacy, work, and Kappa Psi...become a mentor and pay it forward. For the mentees, this is a great learning and network opportunity for you as well…think of it has having two Bigs instead of one.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them my way at Would love to hear them. Thanks!

Kathy Nguyen

Awards Committee

Hello Brothers, 

Just wanted to give an update about the awards committee. Our first meeting is going to be held on June 30, 2017 at 8 pm (MST). We will have another meeting, most likely in August, to make sure we are on track! Some things that will be discussed at our first meeting are the number of awards we want to have, what awards we want to have, and how the nomination/voting process will work. This meeting will be just about getting to know each other and getting ideas about what we want to do. I am excited to see what we come up and who our award winners will be! 

Sahiba Bedi
Zeta Omicron