Finance Committee - Summer '17


A quick update on what the Finance Committee has been making progress on. We have gained feedback on our fundraising idea that was mentioned in the last report – restaurant percentage nights. Most feedback was positive and that the Collegiate Chapters would love to be more involved with Province especially raising funds to help Brothers attend GCC. We came to the conclusion that the Collegiate Chapters would be in charge setting the fundraiser up and then the Graduate Chapters will help and participate at whichever event is closest to them.

We are hoping to have the first fundraiser in October, so watch for more details via email and Facebook. Again, the money that is raised at these restaurant percentage nights will then go into a GCC Fund to help Brothers as we did this year.

Lastly, with the release of the new prices for Regalia, we have been discussing how to use our Province Development Fund. Some ideas are being bounced around but the one with the most favor is using that money to help Chapters purchase the necessary Regalia for Rituals.

Respectfully Submitted,
Hailey Hossfeld