Legislative Committee - Summer '17

Hello Brothers,

This year, the Legislative Committee is off to a wonderful and productive start. We are going to be spending the next 6 months combing through every single Ordinance in the Province By-laws to fix every grammatical error, spelling inconsistency, formatting peculiarity, and most importantly, content that we deem necessary for modification. As of this writing, we are ahead of schedule, having scrutinized 60% of the local ordinances. Due to a large number of changes expected in the coming months, our committee will also be discussing potential ways to ratify these changes without taking up an obscene amount of time at the next Province Assembly. Gathering the delegates together in person and discussing legislative proposals are vital to the operation and success of this Province, however, this process has often been uninspiring and arduous to sit through. As a result, we hope to come up with solutions to rectify this dilemma while maintaining the spirit and essence of legislative proceedings. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.


Stanley Tan