Province Planning Committee - Summer '17

The province planning committee (PPC) has been working hard to make this upcoming Winter Province Assembly (WPA) the best that it can be. Communications among the PPC and the hosting chapter have been discussing potentials for fund raising opportunities and have reviewed the contract for the hotel to help optimize our options - this will be the same hotel (Holiday Inn) that we will be holding our general business meetings.

The PPC would like your feedback for this upcoming WPA and gather information on attendance. Please fill out the form, which is located on the NWP website. Your feedback will help with our planning to make this WPA a great one. If you happen to know brothers that are not familiar with the survey, please inform them of it so we can maximize feedback. Here is the link -

Our next meeting to further the progress in planning will be held following the in the coming weeks. A potential survey may come from that where we get feedback from the province on ideas about what you guys would like to see/do during WPA.

Please feel free to reach out to the PPC or myself (Peter Economen - Vice Satrap - econpete@isu,edu) if you have any questions or ideas.

Thanks and ciao for now!

Peter Economen