Interchapter Relations Committee - Let's Get Together

Hello Brothers,

The interchapter relations committtee had their second meeting on June 26th to further discuss how to bring chapters together this year. As discussed in our last meeting we will like to utilize the province website by creating an up to date calendar of upcoming events (socials, service, fundraising) from all chapters within our province. The committee would also like to create opportunities for province philanthropic events, such as the blood drive started by Beta O last year. Province philanthropic events are opportunities for our province to give back to our communities when also encouraging province unity, communication and a little friendly competition. Our committee came to the consensus that most chapters around the province will not have their calendars set for their chapter events until the start of the school year and in order to successful implement both of the ideas discussed above that is necessary. By our next meeting we plan on reaching out to each of the chapters in our province for their events calendar for the semester. At that time we plan to coordinate with our province webmaster on how to upload the calendars to our province calendar, as well as how to address any changes that may arise. Once chapter calendars are received for the semester the committee plans on coordinating province philanthropic events that will be accommodating to the chapters schedules.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nakisa Mirrafie
Interchapter Relations Committee Head

Northwest ProvinceComment