Previous Province Officers




Justin Fernando
Beta Omicron

Justin initiated into the Beta Omicron chapter of Kappa Psi in January 2016. Since then he has been very active within the Fraternity attending as many events as he could. He has served as 1st Year Liaison, Community Outreach Coordinator, and is the current Regent of Beta Omicron. Justin served last year as the NWP Chaplain where he created multiple philanthropic events for the province. His biggest success by far was the book drive that he set up to benefit Reach Out and Read.

Now as Satrap, Justin wants to continue giving back to the organization that has given him so many opportunities through out pharmacy school. He plans on expanding communication throughout the province and helping to set up more philanthropy events.

Being a Seattle native, Justin enjoys indoor bouldering, snowboarding, running, and long walks on the beach. Oh and drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. #teamnosleep



Christopher Cheun
Epsilon Xi

Chris was raised in Boise, ID but has been living in Portland since completing his bachelors at Portland State University. Since being initiated into the Theta class for Epsilon Xi, he has become increasingly passionate about Kappa Psi and finding ways to improve the Fraternity. As the Vice Regent of Epsilon Xi, Chris has expanded on the professional development of new brothers, providing mock interviews, letter of intent workshops and study advice for pledges who just entered the program. As Vice Satrap, it is his goal to improve attendance at the Province Assemblies and increase the connection between all chapters.

Outside of pharmacy school and Kappa Psi, Chris enjoys hiking and going on new adventures. He grew up playing basketball and is a diehard Laker fan. Although pharmacy school has taken away his NBA dreams, he still occasionally tries to play and his team won Pacific University’s intramural basketball league last year. Chris loves food and trying new places all the time, please contact him if you ever come to Portland!



Lindsey Catlin
Epsilon Pi

Lindsey is a brother from the Epsilon Pi chapter where she currently serves as the Regent. In addition to being Regent she is the P2 class president, a member of the student faculty affairs committee, and the student representative to both of Idaho's professional pharmacy organizations. Outside of these duties she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She has a cat who's name is Comrade. He is a Russian Grey and the greatest kitty ever! She is originally from Nevada but has lived in Idaho for almost a decade. She is extremely excited to be the NWP Secretary. She looks forward to the upcoming year getting to know brothers better and serving you all.



Shelley Jun
Delta Mu

My name is Shelley Jun and I'm a P4 graduating this May. I'm a 2015 initiate of Delta Mu which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm the only Canadian on the executive committee at NWP, and as you would expect, I love poutine, apologize unnecessarily often, and speak fluent French. When I'm not counselling patients in the pharmacy or attending KY events, I love to travel, take pictures of my food and pet dogs.

As my pharmacy schooling comes to an end, I'm very excited to begin my career as a full-fledged Pharmacist while simultaneously continuing my growth as a KY brother. Although I have much to learn, I'm very excited for the opportunity to gain new perspective from the rest of the province, and share my newfound insight with my brothers at Delta Mu. I'm also very excited that I can be involved with the planning of the upcoming Winter Province Assembly in Vancouver, not as the immediate past vice reagent of Delta Mu, but as an officer of the Executive Committee. Please feel free to contact myself or any of my Delta Mu brothers if you're wanting to visit Vancouver!




Mark Nguyen
Beta Pi

Get involved and network early. Say yes to those opportunities. Invest in yourself often. Surround yourself with positive vibes. Put yourself in an unfamiliar place. Grow from your experiences. These are all things that come along with being a part of this brotherhood, so take a leap of faith and see where it takes your journey. Oh yeah, take pictures and videos or it never happened.



Megan Echevarria
Epsilon Pi

Megan Echevarria (Eh-chev-ah-rhee-ah :D) is a second year pharmacy student who is approaching a decade of working in pharmacy. She began working as a pharmacy technician at Saint Alphonsus RMC in Boise, ID right after high school, eventually becoming one of Idaho's first accuracy checking technicians. Megan also served on the board of the Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists and is interested in helping to advance the role of technicians as the role of pharmacists continues to expand. As a student pharmacist, Megan is actively involved in APhA-ASP, Phi Lambda Sigma, her state pharmacy organizations, and of course, Kappa Psi. Megan looks forward to continuing to meet and serve with her brothers in Kappa Psi Northwest Province.



Celine Wang
Beta Omicron

Celine is a current PY2 (finally...) at University of Washington, Beta Omicron chapter. She was initiated in January, 2018 and is excited to be more involved in KY by being on the EC board. She was born and raised in California (both north and south) so coming to Washington has been quite different for her (but loving it nonetheless!). 

Other than KY, she is a current intern at Kusler's Compounding Pharmacy in Snohomish, WA and Clark's Pharmacy in Bellevue, WA. She also enjoys reading and bouldering in her spare time so reach out to her if you need any book recommendations or even a climbing buddy! 


Celine Wang



Brittany Rivera
Epsilon Xi

Hello Brothers,

I am excited to continue my journey with you all where I left off. I am excited and look forward to what's to come with such an amazing EC. I can't wait to start brainstorming and planning for a wonderful GCC. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.




Alex To
Epsilon Chi


I am so proud to have been elected the GCC Alternative Delegate for the Northwest Province. I look forward to exploring this position, and the experiences associated with the Executive Committee. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, specially the city of Norwalk. I studied biochemistry at California State University Long Beach. Currently, I am attending the University of Utah as a Doctorate of Pharmacy 2020 candidate. I moved to Salt Lake City with only knowing one person, and coincidentally she was also a Kappa Psi Brother. From there, Kappa Psi has been the one of the largest influences for my new life in Utah. I was able to meet so many Brothers, and build bonds that can only be described as family. From here on out, I know that I will have family wherever I go. More personal facts about me are that I am a huge Magic: The Gathering and anime nerd. I have been playing competitive Magic for around 6 years now. Furthermore, I have participated in large-scale tournaments, such as the invite only Pro Tours at Madrid, Spain and Honolulu, Hawaii. Furthermore, anime has been a passion of mine since high school. I used to attend the one of the largest anime convention in the United States, and probably spent way too much money on merchandise. If you are ever visiting Salt Lake City or we are attending the same conference, then feel free to contact me to play some rounds of Magic or geek-out over anime.

Respectfully Submitted,

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.30.17 PM.png


Leslie Cacioppo
Epsilon Chi

Leslie initiated into Epsilon Chi at the University of Utah in 2014 and is currently a current member of the Utah Grad chapter. She works as a community pharmacist at CVS Health in Salt Lake City, UT. Her favorite things in life are spending time with her pups and fiance, being outside, and of course, Kappa Psi.



Kelsey Johnson

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Corey Edwards
Epsilon Gamma


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