Check below to find suggests on fundraisers brought to you by your fellow brothers from around the province.


Candy Grams - Hydroflasks w/ University Logos

Submitter: Mary Nguyen (

Difficulty: Easy

Investment: We typically spend $100 starting for candy gram supplies and if we have a larger demand than we will purchase more material if needed. Depending on how many people purchases a hydroflask, we sell it for $25 each. At least 24 bottles has to be purchased to proceed with the order.

Supplies: Candy grams for Halloween: candies, small gift bags, ribbon/strings, tags to write anonymous notes on Hydroflasks with Pacific University logo are ordered online.

Rundown and Pointers: Candy grams are a big hit, especially during a holiday season like Halloween. Last year, we were able to raise a lot more money than expected. We were able to write anonymous notes to the person we were buying it for in which it was attached to the candy grams. We sell it for $2 each or 3 for $5.
The insulated hydroflasks are also popular since its universal to the entire Pacific University student body rather than just limiting it to only Pharmacy or Kappa Psi.

Process: For the candy grams, have the tags ready at the time of purchase so the purchaser can write their note on the spot rather than later. A lot of people are more willing to purchase the candy grams 3 for $5 rather than buying it in singles. Also having a sample of what the candy grams look like will lure the buyer to want to purchase it more.


Panda Express

Submitter: Shawn Gunadi (

Difficulty: Easy

Rundown and Pointers: Set up the dates early and promote early as this is easy money for chapters who don't have as much money.

Process: Before: make sure the event is advertised weeks in advanced
Day of: have fundraising committee/fundraising chair/treasurer present at Panda Express and have them pass flyers as well
After: Make sure the treasurer gets the check!


Business and Thank-You Cards

Submitter: Jonathan Lai (

Difficulty: Intermediate

Investment: It depends on where you're getting business cards from. Last year, for 100 count of cards for 27 people, cost us $238 .

Supplies: Supplier

Rundown and Pointers: Get started on early! Vista print is a great option, as you can build custom business cards to your liking for 10 dollars. You can also modify the design for free if the first or second go around isn't what you had in mind.

Process: Come up with a design, find a supplier, send out a questionnaire for students that want business cards, order business cards.



Submitter: Kevin Amestoy (

Difficulty: Intermediate

Supplies: A room that can be reserved for two consecutive days.

Rundown and Pointers: My contact for this fundraiser is Jessica Alexander. Her email is
Be ready to put up a ton of fliers and send emails to members and non-members alike.

Process: If you can get this set up through the contact information provided, they will send you a detailed time-line of what needs to be done and when. They are very good at working with collegiate student groups. We make around $500-$750 dollars on this event.


Concessions at Home Football Games

Submitter: Kevin Amestoy (

Difficulty: Easy

Supplies: Man hours

Rundown and Pointers: This is a great task for a fundraising chair. When we put in a bid to get a spot to sell concessions we had to agree to work every home football game. In order to get the man hours from our members we reward them with a chance (drawing two members who volunteered) to win free dues for the year. We also use some of the money raised to get a tailgate spot near the football field, which is another reward for our Brothers. Our Chapter makes about $400 dollars every home game, and with 6 home games a year, we make around $2400 dollars a year with this fundraiser.

Process: Every home game requires a team of 4 members. Each member should be ready to work on their feet for 5-6 hours.


School of Pharmacy Wear

Name: Shawn Gunadi (

Difficulty: Easy

Investment: 1,200-2,000

Rundown and Pointers: Make sure you have adequate funds as this requires some additional investment from the chapter funds. Plan accordingly and ensure the money is collected as well.

Process: Before: Make sure an adequate survey of different sizes of sweatshirts/shirts/longsleeves were acquired prior to the event. If the event seems successful at this early stage, some additional merchandise may be bought in different sizes. 
Day of: Make sure all the sizes are matched and properly placed for ease of distribution. Make sure the fundraising committee/chair and treasurer are present to ensure efficiency. 
After Event: Make sure all the funds are correctly counted and ready to be deposited in the bank account.


BLS/ CPR Training Class

Name: Johnny Wong (

Background: This was submitted on a different forum by Brother Fouad of Mu Omicron Pi.
"Our major fundraising event happens about twice a year: After the school year for the current students and prior to the beginning of the school year for incoming students.
At our college, we are all required to be BLS Certified in CPR.
Our chapter trains one person to be certified to teach CPR for the incoming P1 class and for the P3 class (teaching certification lasts 2 years I believe). Sometimes we also get graduating students to come and take our classes.
We get about 80-100 students in each incoming class, and we charge a rate of $55 per student.
There are various ways you can get certified.
Cost: $800 to certify a brother to teach. There are additional supplies you'll need for each student.
Profit: $45/student.
We certify 140+ students a year."

Difficulty: Intermediate

Investment: $800 (or whatever the cost of certification is) + additional supplies costs

Supplies: BLS Teaching Certification + whatever supplies are now required to certify people

Rundown and Pointers: Unfortunately if the school provides CPR classes then this will not be nearly as successful. However, if the Chapter is able to implement this then this would have great and predictable source of funds as the CPR certification requirement is unlikely to go away. This would also have the added benefit of allowing one Brother to be able to put the BLS Teaching Certification on their resume.