Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. | Northwest Province

Uniform Province By-Laws, By-Law XIII: Local Province Ordinances

Current as of: February 17, 2018.

Ordinance 1


Section 1.   This Province shall be known as Northwest Province, hereinafter referred to as the Province of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated, as designated by Alpha Chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as the Fraternity.

Section 2.   The Province may elect to incorporate, however, any application for incorporation must receive the approval of Alpha Chapter of the Fraternity prior to submission to the appropriate office of legal jurisdiction. Further, the Province may elect to form additional corporations, if needed, subject to the aforesaid provision of this section.

Ordinance 2

Composition of the Province

Section 1.   The Province shall be composed of the Collegiate and Graduate Chapters within the boundaries designated by Alpha Chapter of the Fraternity.

Ordinance 3

Dues and Assessments

Section 1.   Each Collegiate Chapter shall pay the annual per capita fee of five ($5) dollars (U.S.) per Member of record as of December 15th of the preceding year. Each Graduate Chapter shall pay the annual fee of fifty ($50) dollars (U.S.) per Chapter. All dues and/or fees shall be for the calendar year and shall be due at the start of the Winter Assembly of each year. Late charges of two percent (2%) per month or part of a month may be assessed for any dues and/or fees not received by the start of Winter Assembly. Any fees associated with payment will be the responsibility of the Chapter.

Section 2.   Any Chapter failing to pay its dues or fees by the due date set by the Province shall be automatically suspended from the Province and must remain suspended until all dues or fees, and late charges are paid in full. 

Section 3.   Special assessments may be levied with the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of the Chapters of the Province. Each Chapter, regardless of size, shall have one vote when balloting for special assessments.

Section 4.    Notice of special assessments shall be given to the Chapters by the Province Secretary and shall be due within thirty (30) days after the posting of such written notice.

Section 5.    Money raised by special assessment may be used only for the stated purpose for which the assessment is made. Any unused money must, on a pro-rated basis, be either refunded to the Chapter or credited toward the following year’s dues and/or fees, at the option of the individual Chapter.

Ordinance 4

Province Assemblies and Interim Meetings

Section 1.   Province Assemblies shall be held every year in the Winter, and each non-Grand Council Convention (GCC) year in the Summer. They shall be called Winter Province Assembly and Summer Province Assembly, respectively. The Province Executive Committee shall determine the date of these meetings. The Host Chapter of the next Province Assembly shall be determined, beginning in the Winter of 2016 and inclusive of Summer Province Assemblies, by the designated order as follows: Epsilon Xi, Epsilon Chi, Beta Omicron, Gamma Eta, Zeta Omicron, Delta Mu, Epsilon Pi, and Beta Pi. In the event that it is determined between Province Assemblies that a Chapter is unable to host the next Province Assembly, the Executive Committee, in consultation with the Province Chapters, will determine the site of the next meeting at their discretion. The proposed budget, meeting agenda, and registration fees of the Assembly must be submitted to the Province Executive Committee for review a minimum of three (3) months before the start date of the Assembly. The Executive Committee will have two (2) weeks to approve or request changes from the Host Chapter. Failure of the Executive Committee to act within two (2) weeks on the proposed budget, meeting agenda, and registration fee proposals, submitted in accordance with the above requirements, shall constitute automatic approval of these proposals. Registration fees and hotel information shall be announced no later than two (2) months prior to the start of each Assembly. The Host Chapter shall submit their completed expense report to the Treasurer within 30 days of the completion of the Assembly for an audit.

Section 2.   The Secretary-Treasurer, or Secretary, shall notify the Chapters of the time and place of the Province Assembly and Interim Meeting at least two (2) months prior to the date of the meeting(s). The Secretary-Treasurer, or Secretary, shall notify each Chapter of the agenda for the Assembly or Interim Meeting at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting(s). 

Section 3.   The Province Executive Committee may postpone any Assembly or Interim Meeting in case of an emergency.

Section 4.   The Province Executive Committee shall conduct an Interim Executive Committee Meeting between Province Assemblies and at each Grand Council Convention for the purpose of planning the next Province Assembly and/or conduct any other Province business.

Ordinance 5

Composition of the Province Assembly

Section 1.   The Assembly shall be the supreme legislative, judicial and executive body for the Province. Appeals of its decisions may be made to Alpha Chapter or to the Grand Council when in session assembled. The decision of the Grand Council shall be final. 

Section 2.   The Province Assembly shall consist of the Collegiate Chapters, Graduate Chapters, and the elected Province Officers.

Section 3.   A Chapter in good standing is defined as one meeting all financial and constitutional requirements of the Province and The Central Office.

Section 4.   The Chapter Secretary or Chapter Regent must submit the Chapter Delegate form fourteen (14) days prior to the start of each Assembly. Failure to do so will result in loss of voting privileges during the Assembly. Delegates who do not have the appropriate credentials may be seated with 2/3 approval of the General Assembly. Any changes are to be reported to the Province Secretary as soon as possible. A replacement Chapter Delegate form may be accepted past the 14-day deadline upon approval by 2/3 vote of the assembly.

Section 5.   Chapter Proxy forms shall not be accepted after fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the Province Assembly. A chapter without approved delegate form or proxy form shall not be entitled to vote at an Assembly.

Section 6.   There shall be no reimbursement of expenses incurred attending Province Assemblies for chapter delegates. All Province Assembly registration prices are set in USD. If the value of CAD falls below USD, the currency exchange rate shall be set at 1 (one).

Section 7.   Registration for Northwest Province Assemblies for the Province Officers shall be reimbursed from the Province budget at the early registration rate. Additionally, the Province Supervisor(s) shall be reimbursed for lodging while attending the Province Assembly. The stated reimbursement shall occur following the completion of the assigned meeting within 30 days. Should the Executive Committee determine there are insufficient funds for the following reimbursements, they shall inform the Province thirty (30) days prior to the start of the Province Assembly.

Section 8.   Each Grand Council Deputy shall be a non-voting Member of the Province Assembly for their respective Collegiate Chapter and shall have their registration fee for the Assembly waived. The Province will supplement their registration fee from the general Province budget.

Section 9.   The Province shall provide a forum in which the Grand Council Deputies may meet for the purpose of discussion and free exchange of ideas.

Ordinance 6

Officers: Elections and Duties

Section 1.   The Province Officers shall be: Satrap, Vice-Satrap, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Chaplain, Webmaster, Immediate Past Satrap, Province GCC Delegate, and Alternate Province GCC Delegate.

Section 2.   The Grand Regent shall appoint a Province Supervisor and/or Assistant Supervisor as Province Officers. The Province Supervisor and/or Assistant Supervisor shall not have voting rights within the Province.

Section 3.   Nomination and election of Province Officers shall occur at the Winter Province Assembly, with the exception of Immediate Past Satrap. Nominees for Province Office must be registered and present at the Assembly at the time of the nomination and election. No Brother shall hold more than one (1) elected Province Office at the same time. All Province Officers shall serve a term of one year, with the exception of Province Supervisor and Assistant Province Supervisor who shall serve at the pleasure of
the Grand Regent of the Fraternity, and the Province GCC Delegate and Alternate Province GCC Delegate who will serve a term of two years.

Section 4.   The Province Officers shall submit a quarterly Officer Report. Duties shall be outlined per Northwest Province’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Section 5.   The Province Executive Committee may designate a particular Chapter to serve as a “Permanent Archives,” and a member of that Chapter shall be appointed by the Satrap to serve as “archivist.”

Section 6.   Each Officer is encouraged to travel and visit the Chapters of the Province. A maximum of 50% of the annual Province dues collected shall be set aside for Province Officer traveling. Of the money set aside for travel each Officer will be allowed up to 10% for their travel reimbursement. Any additional reimbursement will be subject to the approval by the Executive Committee. To qualify for travel reimbursement, the Province Officer shall host a workshop, attend an initiation or participate in an event that benefits the members of that Chapter. Executive Officers seeking travel reimbursement must submit receipts to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will have 30 days to reimburse the Executive Officer if it falls within the 10% allowed, if it is over then the Executive Committee will review the submission for approval. Acceptable receipts for approval include gas, airfare, and lodging. Meals and beverages will be at the expense of the Executive Officer.

Ordinance 7


Section 1.   The Province shall have the following standing committees: Executive, Legislative, Auditing/Finance, Risk Management, Province Development, Awards, and Province Assembly Planning.

Section 2.   The Province shall have such special Committees as may be needed from time to time. Special Committees may be created at the will of the Satrap, by vote of the Province Executive Committee, or by vote of the Province Assembly. 

Section 3.   All Committees, except the Executive, shall consist of at least three (3) members, be appointed by the Satrap from the Collegiate and Graduate Members of the Province, and serve at the pleasure of the Satrap.

Section 4.   The Province Executive Committee shall present and approve at each Winter Assembly an expense report for all Province expenses up to and including the following Winter Assembly. The Province Satrap shall have a discretionary spending limit of $500 for non-budgeted expenses over the course of their term. Prior to the expense the Satrap must inform the Province Executive Committee of the anticipated expense no less than 48 hours before the expenditure. All receipts must be submitted to the Province Treasurer within one week of said expenditure. Any additional non-budgeted expenditure(s) shall be voted on by the Province Executive Committee.

Section 5.  The duties of the Committees, unless otherwise stated, shall be comparable to the duties of similar Committees of the Grand Council.

Ordinance 8

Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the Grand Council

Section 1.  Election of the Province GCC Delegate and Alternate Province GCC Delegate to the Grand Council Convention shall occur at the Winter Province Assembly immediately following the Grand Council Convention.

Section 2.    The Province Delegate shall submit a written or electronic report of the Grand Council to the Province Secretary at least one month prior to the next Province Assembly.

Section 3.  The Province GCC Delegate and Alternate Province GCC Delegate shall be reimbursed the Grand Council Convention early registration fee, and reimbursement shall occur following the completion of the assigned meeting. Should the Executive Committee determine there are insufficient funds for the stated reimbursement, they shall inform the Province prior to the start of the Province Assembly immediately preceding the Grand Council Convention.

Ordinance 9

Order of Business for Province Assemblies

Section 1.   The order of business for Province Assemblies shall be: Call to Order; Opening Ritual; Roll Call and Seating of Delegates; Welcoming of Visiting Brothers; Minutes of Previous Assemblies; Reading of Communications; Officer and Committee reports; Chapter Reports; Special Speakers; Old Business; Report of Grand Council Deputies Session; New Business; Election and Installation of Officers; Closing Ritual; and Adjournment..

Ordinance 10


Section 1.   A quorum shall consist of the Delegates from not less than one-half (1/2) of the Chapters, including proxies, of the Province.

Ordinance 11

Parliamentary Procedure

Section 1.   Parliamentary conduct at all meetings shall be closely adhered to and shall be governed by the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order - Newly Revised

Ordinance 12

Amendments (Local Province Ordinances)

Section 1.   Any amendments to these By-Laws shall be in the form of Local Province Ordinances to be a part of By-Law XIII. All Local Province Ordinances shall be subordinate to and consistent with these By-Laws and the Constitution and By-Laws of the Fraternity. Organization of Local Province Ordinances shall be such that the Arabic numeral of each Ordinance shall indicate content corresponding to and in modification of the numerically equivalent Roman numeral By-Law. Local Province Ordinances may consist of more than one (1) section, in which case, the order of sequence shall be similar to the order of sequence in the respectively modified By-Law.

Section 2.   Amendments to the Local Province Ordinances in the period between Assemblies shall be submitted to the Legislative Committee for review. The legislative committee will work with the Executive Committee to facilitate a proxy vote by the Regents of the chapters within Northwest Province.

Section 3.   Duly adopted Local Province Ordinances of By-Law XIII shall be deemed to be in force upon adoption by the Province, unless disapproved by the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council. Enforcement of any newly adopted Local Province Ordinance may be delayed for a decision of legality from the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council upon a motion, approved by simple majority of the Province Assembly. 

Section 4.   Should formal charges be brought against any Chapter or Member of the Province for an alleged violation of any Local Province Ordinance, less than one-hundred-twenty (120) days old, that had not received written approval of the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council, the Chapter or Member so charged shall be entitled to demand a continuance of all proceedings, pending written decision concerning the legality of such Ordinance from the Grand Counselor or the Legislative Committee of the Grand Council; such decision shall be transmitted by Certified Mail.

Local Ordinances reviewed and approved by the Province on February 17, 2018.
Approved by the Legislative Committee of Kappa Psi on March 19, 2018.