The new Northwest Province Executive Board just finished their camping retreat in the backwoods of Seattle, Washington. Everyone had a magnificent time getting acquainted with each other while crafting a unified vision for the coming year. Read below to see what each officer has accomplished thus far.


Leslie Cacioppo - Satrap

Greetings, Brothers!

I'm so excited to update you on all of the wonderful things that we've been doing as your Executive Committee this year. 

First of all, I have the most wonderful, hard working, and reliable people on the committee this term. Thank you all so much for electing these people to office. They have been so great to work with and we're all trying very hard to propel this Province into excellence during our terms this year.

I have been busy this quarter doing the assumed tasks: organizing committees, holding monthly EC meetings, etc. But what I've been primarily focused on was executing our Officer Retreat, which was a complete success! We all met earlier this month in Seattle to camp and brainstorm ideas for the good of all of our Brothers in the NWP. We have some fun things up and coming to help unite us, fund us, and grow us, and I can't wait to see it all come to fruition! In addition to the retreat, I hope you've noticed we've been extremely focused on our upcoming GCC and helping you all get there! There's still time to register, so please don't hesitate to contact any of us with any questions or concerns. 

I'm looking forward to serving for the rest of this year and to bring back even more great ideas from GCC! 




Peter Economen - Vice Satrap

I would like to begin my first report by expressing my sincere appreciation to the Northwest Province for the opportunity to represent you as Vice Satrap.  With this quarterly report, I would like to recognize the impressive participation from the brothers of the Northwest Province who have already made the commitment by registering for GCC; please continue to encourage one another to attend this celebrated event of ours.  Specifically, I would like to acknowledge Taylor and Brittany – they have been invaluable in promoting GCC thus far. 

I am encouraged with the progress that has already been made by the host chapter, Gamma Eta, in the planning for the 2018 Winter Province Assembly.  As for the members of the Province Assembly Planning Committee, please keep your eyes open for an email from me in the coming weeks.  

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any business/questions/concerns that you would like to have addressed at the province level.  I am here for you. 





Melissa Yuen - Secretary

It has been such a pleasure serving as secretary thus far. Our board has been hard at work, with our individual assignments and with our goals as a board collectively. I certainly feel grateful to work alongside so many dedicated and motivated individuals. To start off, I want to highlight some of the secretarial duties I have been working on. I have reached out to all the chapters to update the officer and chapter rosters for our records. In addition to this, I have served as a point of contact between the board and the chapters to relay important messages and answer any questions. 
Over the past few months, I have worked closely with the historian to create the first ever newsletter for our province. Thus, I am thrilled to see this come to fruition. Specifically, I assisted with gathering information from the respective officers and chapters for content to feature in the newsletter. In this first issue, we dedicated a section on short biographies of all the officers to allow brothers to learn more about the board members. In the latter part, we focused on the history of the chapters and showcased some of the chapters’ favorite events to help us stay connected and reminisce notable events from this past year. 
Lastly, I look forward to all that we will accomplish during our Board Retreat in a few weeks, in hopes to better serve our brothers. 

Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Yuen



Hailey Hossfeld - Treasurer

As treasurer, I have been working diligently to come up with ways to put our funds to use. With the help of the Executive Committee we have been able to set aside a good portion of our province funds to help chapters send brothers to GCC in August. Being able to do this has greatly increased the Northwest Province Number of Brother's that will be in attendance. This is great news!

Secondly, I have been working with the Finance Committee on fundraising ideas and scholarship ideas for our Province. Keep an eye out for the Committee Report for more information on those items.

Respectfully submitted,



Helen Tam - Historian

As Historian, I’ve wanted to bring the chapters within our province closer by emphasizing the use of social media. Our main social media outlet is through the Northwest Province Facebook group, so please join that if you haven’t already! As historian, I’ve encouraged every chapter to post on the Northwest Province Facebook group as they install their new board officers so that it is easier for you to connect with officers from other chapters. Furthermore, I’ve wanted to emphasize each chapter’s history and I have started posting group pictures as well as a fun fact of each chapter on their Founder’s Day. I’m hoping that through these posts, you will be able to learn more about other chapters within our province! 

If you haven’t already, check out the Northwest Province newsletter which is on the Northwest Province website as well as the Northwest Province Facebook group. The newsletter features information about our newly elected province officers as well as histories and featured events of each collegiate chapter in our province. Furthermore, we have a new province Instagram account (@kynwprovince) so make sure to follow that account for province announcements and updates! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas of how we can improve the newsletter or any of the social media outlets. I’d love to help out your chapter in any way that I can! 

Respectfully submitted,



Justin Fernando - Chaplain

The month long blood drive is nearly complete and I am thrilled at how many participants there were. I am hoping to have another philanthropy event in the near future and would love feedback. I am slowly getting in touch with each chapter's philanthropy chair or equivalent to coordinate future events. The goal is to eventually challenge another Province to match us. 

I have been in contact with many of our chaplains and am pleased to report that most of our collegiate chapters have performed the Graduation Ritual. It is a great way to honor our graduating Brothers. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at GCC!!!




Stanley Tan - Webmaster

During my first term as Webmaster, I brought about many enhancements and improvements to the digital operations of NW Province. Namely, the roll-out of an entirely new website, digitizing form submissions and unifying all web-services NW Province uses. My hope is that the advancements made will be sustainable and progressive as new brothers take on the role of Province Webmaster. To accomplish this, I have been compiling a detailed packet outlining the duties and pertinent information relevant to the role of Webmaster so that when the time comes to hand down the torch, the transition will occur smoothly. 

Beyond creating a master directive, I have been working with individual chapters to facilitate the modernization and utilization of their chapter websites. As discussed at the most recent Winter Province Assembly, the Province is offering a voluntary program to host each chapter’s webpage under the domain. What this means is that chapters will no longer have to worry about the cost and technical expertise required to host and maintain a functioning website. Chapters would only be responsible for the content shown on their chapter’s web page, freeing up individual chapter resources. Visit to see an example. If your chapter is interested in participating in this voluntary program, please email me at

Additions are being made to the website every week. Most recently, a ‘Brothers’ tab has been added to the homepage of Under this tab, you can find current copies of our Province bylaws, Resolutions passed, our Assembly schedule, and high-quality images of Kappa Psi logos in various file formats. I highly encourage every chapter to visit this tab to see what information may be of use for your chapter. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on what content you would like to see featured on the website, please let me know at
As your Province Webmaster, I would like to make myself available to you. If you have any technologically related questions, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help!


Stanley Tan



Taylor Goodman - GCC Delegate

I would like to begin my first report by again thanking everyone for giving me the honor of representing our wonderful province at this year's GCC. I am so excited for GCC and these first few months have only strengthened that anticipation! I have been working with both my amazing Delegate Alternative, our fantastic Province Executive Committee, the immediate past Delegates as well as the GCC Advancement Committee to get as many NWP Brothers to join us at GCC. Most of our chapters have already committed to sending a Brother, and our province is set to have a strong representation in Florida come August. I have also sent both the Delegate and Proxy forms to each chapter and am currently tracking the completion and submission of those. 

My short time as GCC Delegate has been a wonderful experience so far and I am learning so much about our province and the amazing Brothers and chapters that make it up! Everything is looking great for a fantastic NWP presence at GCC! 

Respectfully Submitted,
Taylor Goodman