Greetings, Brothers of the Northwest Province! - Satrap

We have just returned from the 58th GCC and I hope that if you were able to attend, you are bringing home invaluable tools, growth, and friendships that you gained in Naples, FL. If you were unable to join us, I hope that you will reach out to Brothers who were there, learn from their experiences, and plan to attend the 59th GCC in Washington DC. We had a week packed full of workshops, social events, and legislative procedures that will help to propel the Fraternity, this Province, and each Chapter forward in the coming years. 

If you have not yet heard, we are extremely proud to be the home Province of our newest Grand Regent, Robert Mancini! How lucky we are to have such a prominent figure right in our backyard. We also have a passionate, creative, experienced, and welcoming International Executive Committee who is ready and willing to serve for the next two years. These changes are all very exciting.

Also, if you missed my announcement, of the thirteen Brothers who received scholarships from the Kappa Psi Foundation, FOUR of them are from the NWP. Congratulations to Melissa Yuen (Beta Omicron), Peter Martsin (Beta Pi), Helen Tam (Beta Omicron), and Lauren Spencer (Epsilon Chi) for these prestigious awards. Congratulations to Peter Economen (Epsilon Pi) for his nomination for the Frank H. Eby Award, and to Epsilon Pi for making it into the top ten list of Chapters for this year. Thank you all for representing us so well.

While at GCC, I was able mingle and meet with Satraps of other Provinces and to gather ideas from them that will benefit the NWP. My goal and intention moving forward is to become more involved with the Regents and individuals of each chapter, to meet more regularly with them, and to create an open line of communication. I want to more easily identify and solve problems, while making closer and deeper connections with each other. While this development may remain only in its infancy during my term, my hope is to create a foundation that will allow future Satraps to continue traditions and propel growth in our Province. 

In addition to all of this, I would like to reiterate what a wonderful, hard-working executive committee that I have to work with this year. These people are some of the most talented, dedicated, and fun people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I truthfully feel that our Province has and will continue to succeed largely because of their efforts. Please take the time to also read their reports below, as every single one of them has wonderful things from this quarter to report. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Leslie Cacioppo