Stanley Tan - Webmaster

During my first term as Webmaster, I brought about many enhancements and improvements to the digital operations of NW Province. Namely, the roll-out of an entirely new website, digitizing form submissions and unifying all web-services NW Province uses. My hope is that the advancements made will be sustainable and progressive as new brothers take on the role of Province Webmaster. To accomplish this, I have been compiling a detailed packet outlining the duties and pertinent information relevant to the role of Webmaster so that when the time comes to hand down the torch, the transition will occur smoothly. 
Beyond creating a master directive, I have been working with individual chapters to facilitate the modernization and utilization of their chapter websites. As discussed at the most recent Winter Province Assembly, the Province is offering a voluntary program to host each chapter’s webpage under the domain. What this means is that chapters will no longer have to worry about the cost and technical expertise required to host and maintain a functioning website. Chapters would only be responsible for the content shown on their chapter’s web page, freeing up individual chapter resources. Visit to see an example. If your chapter is interested in participating in this voluntary program, please email me at
Additions are being made to the website every week. Most recently, a ‘Brothers’ tab has been added to the homepage of Under this tab, you can find current copies of our Province bylaws, Resolutions passed, our Assembly schedule, and high-quality images of Kappa Psi logos in various file formats. I highly encourage every chapter to visit this tab to see what information may be of use for your chapter. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on what content you would like to see featured on the website, please let me know at
As your Province Webmaster, I would like to make myself available to you. If you have any technologically related questions, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help!


Stanley Tan