Words from your Vice Satrap

Greetings from Coeur d'Alene!

This is your Vice Satrap speaking - mic check, mic check

I am pleased to announce that GCC was a success! Thanks to everyone that made it! Big shout out to Beta Pi and Epsilon Pi for being nationally recognized for their achievements as collegiate chapters. Let's not forget to mention that your very own NWP took home 2nd place in the national Kappa Psi volleyball tournament - Thanks to Taylor Goodman for coaching us through the season, you did Good, man.

I hope that everyone received the survey that was sent out in regards to the upcoming Winter Province Assembly (WiPAss) - if you haven't filled that out, please do so. It will help us make this WiPAss one to remember. As Vice Satrap, I have been keeping clear communications with Gamma Eta and the Executive Committee with the logistics of our big event in Missoula. Thus far, all has been running smoothly and we hope to keep that pace. 

If you have any questions, emails are free now-a-days and I am looking forward to any suggestions/concerns that you may have for me.